Sunday, 31 October 2010

Christmas *kooki* Up and Running!


I have *finally* listed my Christmas items online on both my Etsy shop, and my brand spanking new Folksy shop, which is ideal for my UK customers who don't want to, or are put off by Etsy's US Dollars only policy.

The Etsy shop is here - - for my festive fancies, click on the 'Christmas Kooki' link!

The Folksy shop is here -

I hope to have a lot more to list very soon!

In other news, I had my craft fair at Mossley Farm and Craft Fair on Saturday. It was a good day and although I managed to sell a few bits and pieces, the best part was seeing some familiar faces, bagging a custom order (maybe two!) AND being offered another craft fair on Saturday 13th November in Carrickfergus! More info on that will be up here soon!

I might not have a lot of internet access over the next week or so (apart from my shops and email, of course!) as me and the kooki family are moving house *stress stress, excite excite!*, but I'll get a little update posted when I'm back on and settled in!

In the mean time, please do check out my new shop and my festive items, and pass the links on to your pals! 

Panda hugs, 
moon <3

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  1. holy moly I live in Carrickfergus and had no idea there was a craft fair on! :)
    Glad things are going well for you