Thursday, 26 August 2010

Blog Virgin. Blirgin.


As the title, and somewhat sparse page suggests, this is my first blog post. I aim to use this blog to babble about my artsy stuff, my influences and new finds as well as a few other random bits and pieces. I know it all looks a bit plain and boring now, but fingers crossed in time it will liven up and become a lovely little home for me and my oddball world! 

So a little introduction then. My artsy name is moonkooki, but my real name is Sarah, or Saz. I'm 25 (how'd that happen?!), from Belfast and live with my lovely boyfriend and our gorgeous baby daughter. Apart from art, I love music of all most genres, swimming, trashy daytime tv, 'Frasier', 'Friends', cider, rosé, whiskey, tattoos, pandas, dogs and hair dye. My favourite bands are Blur, Frank Turner and NOFX, my favourite films are 'Big Fish', 'The Jungle Book' and 'True Romance' and my favourite books are 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams, 'Junk' by Melvin Burgess and anything by Roddy Doyle. I bite my nails, hate odd numbers and I think that David Attenborough and Damon Albarn should join forces, overthrow the government and run the country. 

As for the artsy stuff, I really love illustration in all it's many forms! From simple squiggles to masterpiece paintings. As long as it's got character, I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it. I scribble, doodle, paint and sew to create my little weirdo characters and worlds. I prefer to draw in pen rather than pencil (always black, preferably Pilot 0.4), I love acrylic and watercolour and I create some artwork and posters digitally. My favourite artists are Kurt Halsey, Tara McPherson, Edward Gorey and Tim Burton (to name but a few!), but I love finding more and more amazing artists and crafty types through Etsy, blogs and elsewhere in the world of the internet, so I'll also be using this blog to highlight some of my favourites!

So there you have it. My first post. I'll no doubt be back from a babble soon!

Panda Hugs,

moon <3