Thursday, 2 September 2010

Treasury Fun!


On Etsy, there's an excellent feature where buyers, sellers and artsy lovers can create lists of their favourite items on the site and have them displayed in groups together, usually with matching themes. I've still not got round to making a treasury *for shame*, but I have been featured in quite a few. I aim to start making them soon and displaying them here to show some of my favourite items on sale on the site. 

In the meantime, here are a few treasuries I've been featured in lately.

This is a little random treasury. My 'Forgetting It All' ACEO is featured here. My two favourites in this treasury are 'Drunk Kitty Finds Love' and 'Lonely-Boy-Blue' 

This boozy treasury also features my 'Forgetting It All' image, but as a print. My favourites here are the 'Hand-Cut 'I Love You More Than Beer' Card' and 'Felt DiDi Doll - Squiffy The Beer Monster' 

This gorgeous treasury features my 'Octopus' print. I love this treasury with it seaside, nautical theme. My favourites here are 'Little Mermaid' and 'Queenscliff Pelican' dry point etching.

I think this is a fantastic little treasury! It features my 'Shifty Cat' foodle, and I love all these items! My favourites have to be 'little blue kitten' and 'Purr-fectly Pretty - Black Kitty Snap Clips'

My 'Cheeky Panda' ACEO is featured in this amazing panda treasury. As pandas are my favourite animals, I naturally love this treasury! As hard as it is to pick a few favourites, the ones that really stand out for me are 'Panda - Deluxe Pillow', 'Panda Flight, The second Voyage' necklace and 'Yellow Panda Dancers' print. Love them all though! :)

So there you have it, some beautiful little treasuries! As I've said, I hope to get creating some soon. So keep your eyes peeled! :)

Panda Hugs,

moon <3

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  1. I love treasuries and boy you do make a good one turn into a great one! Just adore the pandas - i'm looking at my 'who knows what lies ahead' now :)